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A straw bale house in Hilton, WA

7 Doust Straw is the intention of converting a beautifully positioned vacant block into a sustainable area, a place of encounters, sharing and working!




With the help of a community that, like us, believes in sustainable living!


Terra Design Lab will teach all participants to use a  technique called GREB, where several straw bales are inserted in a double frame of wooden stud which supports the weight of the house. This is then covered with “GREB mortar”, a special plaster made of calcic lime, cement, sand and sawdust which smooth the bale walls. 


This is your chance to work with the experts at Terra Design Lab and directly participate in the construction work of a straw bale, solar passive, low waste home. 


Watch the site develop from a private space into a communal moment of research, gained knowledge and openness towards an experimental architecture.

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sand, saw dust, lime, cement and water..done!