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Solar Passive Design

A well designed home can be cool in summer but still be nice and bright. 


Designing your home around a few key principles will maximise its comfort and efficiency. With Terra Design Lab you will achieve a home that will not require artificial heating or cooling and will maximise natural light. Combine this with Terra Design Lab's unique and lux interiors and it will feel so good to be home...

solar passive design
natural sustainable materials
Sustainable Materials

With Terra Design Lab, clients select the right products based on what they consider to be the most important criteria.


The materials used are renewable and low waste, that also have the benefit of being the most energy efficient. Such as; light straw, rammed earth, cob, poured earth, earthen floors, green roofs, stone, hempcrete, pressed earth bricks, lime renders, recycled timber and more.

Residential & Commercial Design

With a focus on bespoke design, tailored to your needs, desires and the individual aspects of the site, Terra Design Lab provides a complete range of residential and commercial building design solutions: stylish, cost effective and sustainable.

residential and commercial design
interior design
Interior Design

Creative, proactive and innovative solutions are offered in order to achieve functionality and quality of the interior environment through lighting, ventilation, acoustics, and the integration of furniture. With close attention to planning, spatial design, design development, construction documentation and contract administration, your interior comes to life, sustainably.

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